Full Circle

This year's Dog House Build Off was filled with so many feel good stories. We've shared in previous posts that 13 of our families paid it forward by leading a Build team of their own. One of those 13 is family member Pete R.... Pete's dog Dice is a 12 year old pittie who's love for the Kondo he received about a year ago is almost as big as his blockhead. Working with Pete, we neutered Dice this year and built him a kennel. Now Pete has returned the favor by spending the day with us building a Kondo for a new dog. With his roofing and carpentry experience, Pete supervised the Feline Friends Build Team and together they had a blast! You should see the roof that Pete built! Definitely a professional job!

It meant so much to us for Pete to join the build. And near the end, when it came time to sign his name to the Kondo he helped build, we suggested he sign for Dice as well. So he wrote "Pete & Dice - Happy Dog House"

And that, folks, is why we Krusade