Meet Tiny!

Meet Tiny, our newest addition to the Kane's Krusade family. She is pictured here with her companion, Betsey. Betsey found out about our services through our good furrends at the Homeless Cat Project, who feed feral cats at her apartment building.

Tiny was another victim of backyard breeding. Her owners took her away from her mom, selling her and her siblings at ONE WEEK of age. Can you imagine? Betsey saw this and saved Tiny's life, bottle feeding and caring for her. Betsey did a great job and Tiny is indeed tiny, but appears to be healthy. We brought a 30 lb bag of high quality puppy food, treats and toys. We did witness some resource guarding while we were visiting, and will help Betsey to deal with that behavior.

This is Betsey's first dog. She loves animals and cannot stand to see them suffer. We see this over and over in under-served neighborhoods. People have the heart, but not always the means. We will help Betsey with the right resources and information to give this little dog a great start.

One more dog kept out of the shelter today, and with her loving family. This is why we Krusade.