Four New Families

Friday we added four new families to the Krusade. We feel the most important work we can do is to help people who truly want a better life for their dogs, but don't have the resources or knowledge to do it themselves. Friday we encountered one of those situations when we met two pit bull dogs in Springfield - Diva and Killer. Diva is a happy pittie who has similar looks to our Ambass-a-bull Tess. When we gave her a pigs ear, she ran outside with it and kept flipping it in the air joyfully.

Our hearts went out to Killer instantly. When we walked in the house, he was chained to the radiator in the kitchen. He was hungry for attention and when we gave him his pig ears and later a bone, he devoured them. He is too thin, although his companion Cindy feeds him twice a day. We brought a 55 lb bag and suggested she feed him as much as he wants to eat right now. He is about 13 months old. Now, before you jump on Cindy, let us share a little more of the story. Killer is her husband's dog and he will be away for the next nine months. Her husband was the one who always handled him. Cindy struggles with Killer because of his high energy and enthusiasm. The two dogs do not get along great, which makes things more difficult. Killer is a great example of a sweet, misunderstood dog with an inaccurate name. We were able to greet him and pet him towards the end of our visit.

We spent a lot of time talking with Cindy. She does not want to manage Killer like this. She truly feels bad and that's why she called us for help. We gave her several options to get started, including crate and rotate, exercise, etc. We brought Kongs and peanut butter to provide some mental stimulation. We will bring Killer to the vet to explore his weight issue if it persists. This dog will end up at a shelter without our support. We are committed to doing what we can do to help this family. If you would like to help, please consider making a donation at towards training for this dog.

We appreciate this is a hard story to hear. This is reality. But there is hope, because we are here and Cindy called us. (As always, we will not tolerate negativity towards the family. Please be positive in your comments and support.)