3rd Annual Dog House Build Off - Compassion in Action!

The Dog House Build Off is such a powerful event.  This year, more than 70 people got together to build custom, insulated dog houses for dogs they don't even know and will probably never meet.  

Most of them had little to no carpentry or woodworking experience.  

They showed up anyway.

Most are super busy people with families and pets of their own.  

They showed up anyway.

They brought their enthusiasm and excitement.  The energy in the building was contagious. Different ages, backgrounds, occupations - didn't matter.  Love knows no color, age or breed. This year we even had the good folks from Feline Friends Cat Sanctuary build a Kondo!  The first "Kitty Kondo" ever!  Their Build Team is pictured here with Family Member Pete R.

Every year this event blows us away.  It's an amazing feeling to stop and look around the room and realize what all these great people are doing.  

They're not looking away.  They're not ignoring or "unseeing" the suffering of dogs in their community.  

They are doing something about it - putting their compassion in action.  

In a world where there is so much suffering, too many choose to look away.  Too many think they can't make a difference.  But all the Krusaders at the Build Off know something different.

Compassion matters.  And if a community has a need, a bunch of resourceful committed individuals can get the job done.

Here's to everyone who made the 3rd Annual Dog House Build Off a huge success!  Thank you for not looking away.  Thank you for putting your compassion into action.  We can't wait to show you the lucky dogs that will be warm and safe this winter because you care.