When Surrender Is Not A Failure

This has certainly been an emotional week here at Kane's Krusade with Lion (now Lou) being surrendered to the shelter. This was a heartbreaking decision for Lion's family. Their life is changing in a positive way. Jamal has a new job and is working longer hours. Florelys is going back to school to start a new career in December. With all this, Lion was not able to get the attention he is used to. He broke out of his crate and proceeded to have a hay day in their small apartment. When the landlord came to fix the damaged floor, he issued an ultimatum - get rid of the dog or get out. So Florelys did what she thought was best and surrendered him to the shelter.

Was the landlord wrong? No. You can't blame him for not wanting his property damaged. Was Florelys wrong? Absolutely not. She did the responsible thing and brought him to a safe place. Others in similar situations might dump the dog in the street or just offload him to anyone to get rid of him. We see dogs get passed around to 6, 7 owners this way and it is devastating for the dog. Was Kane's Krusade wrong for letting one of our dogs be surrendered? No. We do not have the manpower or resources to open a kennel or manage lots of foster homes. It's not what we do and if we went down that road, it would take us away from our core mission, which is unique in the Greater Springfield area. That being said, we were prepared if he developed kennel stress, to pull him and find a temporary solution.

This is a bittersweet story for us because Lion (Lou) is safe, in his new furever home, with a great new companion. And we can honestly say we have done everything we could do to keep this family together. We provided a C.A.R.E. Kit for 9 months. We brought in a dog trainer to work with Lion and his family. We sponsored his neuter, vaccinations and microchip. We loved him and his companions as part of our extended family. We cried with them when he could no longer be with them.

So we are celebrating today. Celebrating that our sweet boy is in a terrific new home, celebrating the bond we have with Jamal and his family, celebrating that we never once gave up. Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do. Sometimes surrender is the right choice for the dog and his people.