Here's our favorite chunky monkey, Goliath, enjoying a quick walk with his companion Gricel before she went out as a member of our C.A.R.E. Krew on Friday. Gricel is a great example of what makes Kane's Krusade different - our Pay It Forward component.

Did you know about 70% of the families who receive C.A.R.E. Kits volunteer in some form throughout the year? In this way, we are giving a hand up, not a hand out. We give people an opportunity to be a part of their community, to give back, to contribute, to be part of something bigger. And to say thanks. This is so critical. Everyone wants to be a part of something good.

Gricel has been a Krew member since June of 2014. She goes out just about every Friday, helps with translation, advocates for spay/neuter and does anything else we ask of her. She is an integral part of the Krusade and we're so grateful for her help.