Treat Me Right Fundrasier

Treat Me Right Fundraiser for Kane's Krusade!
Ends March 3, 11 p.m. E.S.T.

We are thrilled to partner with Treat Me Right, who makes healthy, human-grade, gourmet dog treats to raise money for non-profit animal welfare organizations! Order treats for your dog, a friend's pup, or for one or more of the Kane's Krusade family dogs, and Treat Me Right will make a donation to Kane's Krusade! Yippee!


There are lots of treats to choose from, including the Posie Palooza treats created especially for our fundraiser, grain-free treats, even kitty treats--meow!

Bella and Boo have sampled the Posie Palooza treats and think they are lip-smackin' good!!

Place your order at:!partners/c165l

Thank you, Krusaders!!

Thanks, Wynter!

Kane and Tess give two big paws up to Board Member Wynter M. for providing a ride to our furrends at the East Springfield Veterinary Hospital for Shadow and her companion Angel. Shadow recently had her SPAW day and ESVH found that she has an ear infection and skin issues. Without Wynter, Shadow would not be on her way to feeling better! Great work, Krew!

Here is Shadow on her SPAW day, with her cat Lucky.

New to Kane's Krusade Family

Meet the two newest dogs to join the Kane's Krusade family, Hercules and Mama. This family was a referral through one of our other families. Our families are now our greatest referral source and we are proud of that fact - it means that the goodwill and trust we are building in underserved neighborhoods is working! Most of our spay/neuter referrals come from our families - they are out talking to people in their neighborhoods about the benefits of s/n.

Hercules and Mama both had their SPAW days in the last several months. Hercules seems to have an issue with his back hip and front paws. We will be bringing him to the vet to learn more about his condition. It does not keep him from running and playing. Both of these dogs are happy and super high energy which made taking pictures challenging!

Meet Jala

Meet Jala. This pretty pittie had her SPAW day last week, thanks to your donations, the Dakin Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic, and a voucher from the Massachusetts Animal Fund. Jala was spayed, microchipped and her nails were trimmed. We met Jala and her companions at one of last year's free vaccine clinics. They were so excited to have Jala spayed as she has had a few unwanted litters. We have also neutered the two male dogs in the family. Another high risk situation that is no longer. This is why we Krusade!

If you are a MA resident, please consider making a donation to the MA Animal Fund when you file your taxes so we can help more families make great choices for their dogs!

More Spay and Neuters!

Another great day in KrusadeVille - 2 more dogs were spayed/neutered thanks to vouchers from the Massachusetts Animal Fund, your donations and the Dakin Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic!

Here's Thor - we love his name. It fits him - little dog, big 'tude. Thor was neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and had his nails trimmed. Pawsome!

Please consider making a donation to the MA Animal Fund when you file your taxes so we can keep helping more families and their dogs!

Kymba's Kondo

Another great dog is warmer thanks to our Kondo Krew who braved the below zero wind chill on Saturday. Kymba is a beauty. He does not live outside 24/7, but like most Huskies, he does enjoy being outside. He went right for his Kondo and was loving the yummy treats we brought to entice him to go inside.

Special thanks to Krew member Adam L. and the community service team for helping with the delivery!


Thanks to your donations, the Dakin Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic and a voucher from Massachusetts Animal Fund, Hercules is getting neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and his nails trimmed! Two other great dogs also had their SPAW day Saturday, putting us on track to spay/neuter 16 dogs this month - a great way to kick off the year! Our goal is to exceed our number of 118 dogs sponsored last year. We can do it with your help!

Calling All Pizza Fans!

This Friday and Saturday --- Help Us Raise Some Dough!!

We're having an Uno's Dough Rai$er, Friday January 16th and Saturday, January 17th! Come to Uno Pizzeria & Grill,1722 Boston Road, Springfield MA (across from the Eastfield Mall).


Print the ticket pictured above and present it to your server when paying and Kane's Krusade will receive 20% of the amount of your check! Wow!

If you aren't able to print the ticket, please email us at and we will mail you one.

Please remember: You MUST BRING THE TICKET WITH YOU and it is good towards dining in AND takeout!!

Join Us For A Free Workshop!

"Learning To Love People As Much As Their Pets", January 24th at 2:00 pm at the Dakin Humane Society

We deal with people making assumptions about our work and the people we serve all the time: "people who can't afford a dog shouldn't have one", "poor people are irresponsible dog owners", "people in under-served communities won't spay/neuter their pets", "people just dump their dogs in shelters and don't give a damn what happens to them", "people under-served communities spend all their money on drugs and alcohol instead of taking care of their pets". We could go on and on and on.

What we know after nearly 3 years of being in the trenches working side by side with families in under-served communities is this - your NET WORTH does not equal your PET'S WORTH. We see the tears and agony of people first hand when they are powerless to help their dogs. We see the sacrifices many make to give their pets what they need. We see the love and commitment that endures through hardships and tragedy.

And most of all, what we know is that JUDGEMENT NEVER HELPS A DOG. You can either sit in judgment of a dog owner or you can find a way to help. We're a solution-based nonprofit. We're realists. We deal with less than optimum situations every day. We focus on harm reduction. We can't wave a magic wand and make everything ideal. But we can choose compassion, we can share resources and options. We can give families a way to keep their dogs. And when the time comes for a dog to transition peacefully, because it's the right thing to do, we provide that option as well.

We believe we've developed a high level of trust with our Krusaders. We rarely receive any negative comments on our page. We like to think this is because we go to such painstaking ends to be as transparent as possible about the services we provide, who we provide them to, the quality of the people we provide them to and how we spend our donors money.

What does trust mean? It means trusting us to do the right thing at the right time to the best of our ability and available resources. So THANK YOU to all our Krusaders who trust the work we do implicitly. We simply can't do this work without you.

If you are in the Greater Springfield area and would like to learn more about the Kane's Krusade non-judgmental approach to animal welfare, join our founder, Kim George, for a free seminar "Learning To Love People As Much As Their Pets", January 24th at 2:00 pm at the Dakin Humane Society. Register here:

Coco and Woody

Hiya, Krusaders! We recently got added to the Kane's Krusade family and received our first C.A.R.E. Kit of food, treats, flea/tick, collars and leashes. Woody will be getting neutered soon too!

Happy happy joy joy!
Coco and Woody


Coco and Woody's companion has been struggling to make ends meet since she got laid off. The day we were there, she was selling off furniture to get some cash. But thanks to you, she will have one less thing to worry about - losing her dogs. Without your support, we would not be able to help families like this stay together in difficult times.

Kane's Elves

A few of Kane's elves were out and about yesterday bringing holiday cheer to a very special family of ours. Tamara recently had major surgery and we worked with our furrends at Dakin Humane Society to care for her dog Sophie till she was back home. Tamara does not have any family or friends in the area, so the elves brought a complete Christmas dinner, a bright little holiday tree and a bunch of presents for Tamara. Her favorites? The framed photo of Sophie and her and a Patriots poster. A special thanks to Board Member Wynter M. for making this such a special moment for Tamara.

Why go to all the effort? Because the people in our families matter as much as the dogs.

Honoring A Friend

Honoring A Friend

Today, thanks to your donations, we sponsored a visit to our furrends at the East Springfield Veterinary Hospital for Neggie. Neggie and his companion Rosa have just been added to the Kane's Krusade family. Neggie is 14 and has lived with Rosa all his life. A few days ago he lost his appetite and started limping. Rosa feared the worst. After examination, a possible neck condition was found. Neggie will be on pain medication and monitored over the next week and a half for improvement. We provided Neggie with his first C.A.R.E. Kit of canned food, treats and dry food to improve his appetite. He also received a harness, flea/tick treatment and a dog bed. Rosa was so grateful for our help. She lives on a fixed income and has no transportation.

But the story gets even better. Rosa spoke of a woman that helped her for many years with dog food for Neggie. That woman turned out to be our friend Debbie LaBruzzo who passed away last week. We are so glad that we can continue Debbie's work of helping Neggie and Rosa. Rosa said she lights a candle for Debbie every day and says a prayer for the woman that was so kind to her. By helping this family today, we feel like we are lighting a candle for Debbie too.

Spay and Neuters for 2014

Today marked a milestone for us - Roc, a blue nosed pittie pup was our final dog of the year to receive his SPAW day from our furrends at Dakin Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic and the Massachusetts Animal Fund. All together, we have sponsored the spay/neuter of 118 dogs this year! That is a 413% increase from our 2013 spay/neuter numbers! 68 of these dogs were high risk pit bulls and 17 were high risk Chihuahuas.

When you consider (conservatively) that an unspayed female, her mate and all their puppies can add up to over 1,000 dogs in just 4 years, we have theoretically prevented more than 118,000 dogs from adding to pet overpopulation in the 413!

And we won't stop here - we've already got 22 dogs queued up for spay/neuter in January and February!

Thanks to your donations, grants from the ASPCA and DJ & T Foundation, the Dakin clinic, Second Chance Animal Shelter Spay/Neuter clinic, Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center and the Massachusetts Animal Fund, we reached this amazing accomplishment! Many of these dogs were found through the highly successful free vaccine clinics we participated in at the end of the summer. We have about an 85% conversion rate getting people to say YES to spay/neuter. How do we do it? By building trust, being respectful and sharing accurate information about the benefits.

We also want to thank our Spay/Neuter Coordinator, Diana T. for doing such a great job! With this volume of dogs, we couldn't have done it without you!


Sunday we added a new family with two special dogs. Harley just had 16 puppies last week - 4 did not survive. Harley was a referral from the good people at Agawam Animal Control. James, Harley's companion, loves her very much. Harley originally came from an ad on Craigslist. Her original owner's kept her tied to a pole in the basement for the first 7 months of her life. James has done a great job giving Harley a good life to the best of his ability. We will help him with the puppies and today brought food and treats for Harley to help her while she is nursing. She also is very itchy and has some hair loss so we will be bringing her to the vet this week to check out her skin issues. We are excited to let you know that one of the first things James asked us about was getting Harley spayed and of course we are happy to oblige!

The puppies' daddy is Thor - a Shar Pei/Mastiff mix. He is a super sweet dog. Unfortunately, he has an ongoing issue with his eyes which we suspect is entropian - an abnormal condition of the eyelids. We are going to see what we can do to help Thor, as well. Stay tuned for updates!

Total from Valley Gives Day!

Can we have a drumroll please?

The grand total from Valley Gives:

5328.59 (individual donors - take home after merchant fees) ...
2500.00 (Meet Your Match bonus)
2500.00 (Giant Steps Matching Grant)
  500.00 (Golden Ticket)
  150.00 (New Donor Bonus)


We are still speechless over here! Thank you to everyone who gave, shared and supported us. Of course, we also want to thank the Community Foundation of Western Mass for organizing Valley Gives and Giant Steps Foundation for providing our matching grant. Thanks to all our Krew members who worked so hard, including our pitteographer Diane S. for making our great Valley Gives video!

We're going to help a lot of dogs and their families in 2015!